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Link tracking is the process of trying to investigate the activities going on about a particular marketing link that has been put up on a website. The purpose of this is to understand how much traffic a particular ad is generating and it will, therefore, be used to estimate the income being made by that ad as per the clients it attracts. It is a good marketing campaign which is based on results achieved because you are aware of what is happening with your goods as shown by the clicks on related links. This process is accomplished using tracking software that is set up, and it displays the results in the form of a report that can be used for decision making.Click Kuala Affiliate Tracking

There are many features of the tracking software that is beneficial for your attempt of link tracking. The first feature is that you will be able to get information about the location of the users who clicked on certain links within your website according to the country where that feedback signal is sent from. You will get a wider view of the geographical location and distribution of your valuable customers so that you start making your products available in those places. This will help to boost your
company's sales and stabilize its income generation.

The second feature is that the tracking software also identifies the specific ads which are being clicked more and the corresponding purchases made on the product being marketed by those ads. This way, you will be able to know which of your marketing campaigns are more profitable so that you focus more resources on those products to optimize on income generation. You will also identify particular ads that are generating almost zero traffic so that you drop them and stop making losses by investing in running them on the different platforms.Click

A third feature is that the software also gives you a clear image of the target audience which is generating more income for your company and which one is sluggish in profit generation. This can be indicated by the reactions to your clinks by different target users and the rate at which those clicks convert to potential purchases. If the product appeals more to a particular gender or age bracket, you will now customize your ads to focus specifically on those people. You will also notice the time of day during which there is a lot of traffic, and you can make the campaigns active during those moments.

Link tracking For Affiliate Networks